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Van Schoyck


I've lived in San Luis Obispo for over 30 years, and have been practicing massage therapy for over 5 of them. Empower Massage Therapy is born out of a strong desire to serve and help others. ​

What makes Empower Massage Therapy different is the clinical and analytical approach to manual therapy. This approach requires dedication, and continual education. I guide my practice based on the best available evidence, and the techniques I implement are based on certain principles and truths. 

More and more people are seeking alternative means to managing pain, tension, and stress. Massage Therapy is one answer that looks completely different from the fast-paced, often impersonal care many receive today.


Choose your session

60 minute sessions are the most common duration it gives plenty of time to work on whatever your goal may be. 90 minutes will give you the most table time and is generally great for overall stress reduction as we are able to address much more in a single session. 30 minutes is often used by those with very specific stress or pain in one or two areas.

It is recommended you begin with the most common 60 minute session to allow enough time for the initial assessment.





Clay is the best! I had a terrible knot in my neck and could hardly turn my head to the right. I kept taking Advil thinking it would get better, so when I went in I was so sore and stiff! He worked wonders in just 30 min. and I came out of there so much better. I am so glad I went and will return!


Clay is beyond amazing! I have been unable to straighten my elbow after an injury and am back working out with full function at Gymnazo (the best gym & coaches ever!), because of his incredible knowledge and care. His knowledge of how our body works and his amazing bodywork will help you be the best you can be! I highly recommend a visit. It will change you life and your body will work the way it was meant to! Do yourself a favor and make an appointment with Clay!


I've seen Clay for over a year now, and he keeps getting better.  He continues to attend continuing education classes, and he is inspired to learn more to treat his clients.​​ I am into sports and weight training, so I regularly have tired, sore, or overused muscles.  He is the only therapist that can take my pain and soreness away.​​ I plan on seeing Clay for many years to come.  He is polite, professional, and is a phenomenal healer!


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