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Strength training has potential to benefit everyone regardless of athletic ability, or physical condition.


It is arguably the most important component in one’s quest for optimal health, & longevity. From competitive athletes, runners, gardeners, or a stay at home mom & dad. Strength training is essential to long term function, allowing us to age gracefully. What makes training with EMP unique is the diligent study, and understanding of human function, performance, anatomy & physiology. 


All this supported by many years of clinical experience in the field of manual therapy and movement. Every practitioner at EMP is both trainer, and therapist. We're proud to offer top quality services in both.

An awareness of exercise, and how to successfully do them is one thing. However, the knowledge of correct dosage, proper mechanics, correctives, mobility & stability requirements is another. 

A New Journey


1. Schedule a FREE consultation.

During this time we’ll have the opportunity to tour the facility and then to sit down and get to know each other. We’ll discuss lifestyle, health history, and define specific goals and intentions. This information will be the foundation to your individualized program design.

2. First Workout / Movement Assessment.

Your first workout will be a 75 minute session. The first 15 minutes will be used to collect baseline anthropometric measurements; this includes body weight, muscle mass, adipose tissue, water weight, and bone density, and body circumferences. We will also perform a movement assessment checking for asymmetry’s, compensations, imbalances, and joint functionality that will give your trainer attention to necessary corrective exercises and flexibility training.

3. Program Creation

Based on all the information gathered since the initial consultation, your trainer will create and complete an extensive individualized program tailored to your specific needs and training goals. You will be coached and taught everything on the program, and how to fill it out, eventually empowering you to be able to replicate your plan of action on your own.

4. Fitness Assessment

Throughout your program we will conduct baseline fitness assessments that will play a role at the conclusion of your program. This will prove, and re-assure that all your hard work and effort aren’t just paying off aesthetically but also from a performance perspective. Only certain assessments will be recorded based on your specific goals. If strength is your goal, expect a 1-3 rep max test, if improving your endurance/cardio-respiratory is your goal, expect a 1 mile timed cardio exercise etc.



Depending on your training package and commitment, programs will range from x1 to x4 workouts per week.
Programs will be filled out electronically and be available for you to reference at any time. This will make it convenient for you to stick with your program incase you travel or want to get some extra credit work done on your own!

6. Have FUN!

Here at Empower Movement & Performance, we value each and every one of our clients. We are committed to serving you to the best of our ability. Together, we will do what it takes for you to achieve your goals, and make sure you’re enjoying the process towards feeling, moving, and performing at your absolute best!

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